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It’s an everyman’s – and woman’s right to have a relaxing moment in sauna, where we can forget all the troubles of today’s hasty life. Your moment in sauna can be shared with someone close to you or it can be completely your own private meditation time. Let the spirit of the sauna touch your soul and the warmth of it pamper your body. With Sauna Ritual you can make your time in sauna even more luxurious.

Sauna Ritual has two important phases. Between the two phases you can relax, drink some water, have little fruit and have even more sauna. Essential part of Sauna Ritual is that you relax spiritually as well as physically. Grant your sauna moment with plenty of time, don’t hurry. Before going into sauna have shower and wash your body and intimate parts.

Sauna Ritual first phase:

Body scrub with Sauna Massage Salt
First let your body warm up in sauna. After your body is warm, rub a portion of Sauna Massage Salt all over your body. Avoid the facial area. The salt granule gently peels your skin renewing and nourishing it. Lovely skin friendly fragrance oil of the salt leaves your skin perfumed. Let the salt affect for a moment and after leaving the sauna, rinse your body under the shower.

Sauna Ritual second phase:

Sauna Honey Cream
At the last time of your sauna sessions when you relax again on the benches of sauna it is time to cherish your body with Sauna Honey Cream.
Gently massage a portion of absolutely natural Mellis Sauna Honey Cream on your body. Let the Honey Cream absorb into your skin for about 10-15 minutes. This way you can enjoy the amazing triple effect of honey: cleaning, nourishing and hydrating. In the end rinse with water. Do not use any soap or shower gel since your body already has got everything it needs.

After finishing your sauna session relax and drink water or fruit juice.

Wishing you enjoyable moments in sauna with super nice Sauna Ritual!